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4 out of 5 (based on 3 ratings)
Left To Die

Left To Die - Enjoy surviving against Zombies at the Comfort of your Home !

Left To Die is a survival shooting game, and not just any shooting game - but a zombie survival. You get stucked in the forest all alone surounded by zombies but it's ok, beacuse that means you have all the weapons for yourself.

Controls of the Game

This is a point-and-click shooting game.

Aim and fire your weapons with mouse.

Choose different weapons with 1, 2, 3 and 4 numkeys.

Tips and Tricks to Play Left To Die

You get to upgrade your weapon for damage, clip size and reloading time.

Hitting different parts of the monsters earns extra cash.

Upgrade your weapon to kill zombies fast.

Max out the gun and finish game fast.

While playing wave four and eight you don't have to shoot the Boss - but all his minions and by that you earn extra money, by focusing on the minions with dynamte.

With money earned from boss minions you can buy a sniper rifle and upgrade the reload time.

So you see, you can combine weapons and upgrades depending on the wave you are playing.

When you collect money from the secons Boss you have to buy tower, airstrike and a wall.

game review

Left To Die is a really fun to play shooting game. Even though it is a shooting game it has survival and tactics note to it. I find it cool that you can upgrade your weapons then use it in a strategic way that requires thinking. Some minions were easy to kill while for others it takes a little bit more time - the Bosses. All in all it's a good shooting game.