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4.9 out of 5 (based on 6 ratings)
Zombie Hero

Zombie Trailer Park - Enjoy killing Zombies at the Comfort of your Home !

Zombie Hero is an online shooting and strategy kind of game with zombie survival theme. The zombies are fast approaching and you need to upgrade your weapons quickly so you can kil them all. Enjoy in this free online shooting game and keep the zombies away from your city gates!

Controls of the Game

Use UP and DOWN arrow keys for movement.

Use numkeys to switch weapon.

Shoot with mouse or space.

Tips and Tricks to Play Zombie Hero Park

Upgrade and switch your weapon for efficiency.

It's a shoot and defend kind of game.

Shoot exploading stuff to deal more damage.

You can upgrade the baseball ball as well as other weapon.

Build and then upgrade your deffence wall and barriers.

Some other characters will appear as help throughout the game.

Defend the city and watch your back!

game review

I find Zombie Hero is a classic shooter and defence kind of game. It is also kind of a strategic game since you have to build up the barriers surrounding you and you also have to upgrade your weapons which include guns and other fire armor as well as the baseball bat. It's fun and cool that you get help throughout the game since it's pretty diffcult to pass. I reccommend you play this game if you need to kill time.