Well,2018 was not the year you wanted to replace your windows, but you have planned to get new windows for your home next year. Now, this is the right time to go through some of the best and common windows Mississauga designs you should consider for 2019.

We have collected and compiled the top window designs for your consideration. Most of these designs have been in the market for quite a while and remain to be popular among the homeowners. We are sure you will find one or two window Mississauga designs suitable for your home design.

1. Double Hung Windows.

Double hung windows are simple replacement windows Mississauga. They match perfectly with varying home styles, and you can get them either in vinyl, wood or metal.

The most preferred thing by most people is the fact that these windows can be operated by opening and closing all the sashes. However, many tend to open the sash at the bottom. Being able to open the two sashes simultaneously is important especially during the autumn and spring when you need a cool breeze from outside.

2. Single Hung Windows.

These are also very common windows Mississauga designs, and we don’t see them going away anytime soon. The major difference between this design and the double hung window is that in the single hung windows, the upper sash is not operable.

For many homeowners, this style of window performs just as well, and it is cost friendly.

3. Casement Windows.

And if you are looking for something different other than double or single hung windows, then you will find this option worth choosing. They are easy to operate and boost visual interest of your structure.

You can install them to open inward or outward. These window designs and ideal for those people who find it tedious to lower and raise sashes, since they’re operated by simply pulling and pushing.

4. Sliding Windows.

This is another common choice among most homeowners. They are associated with modern home styles. The sashes are designed in a framework that enables them to move freely along the tracks.

They are opened or closed by just applying gentle pull or push. They are ideal choices for people who need something they will open or close without using much effort.

5. Awning Windows.

These windows are preferred since they offer excellent ventilation. You can leave the sashes open even when it is raining.

6. Bay Windows and Bow Windows.

These windows make your room practically bigger. The space created can be used in a number of ways including used it as a reading bay and storage for books and bags.

7. Sliding Tilt Windows.

If you want windows that will open or close by tilting, this is the best choice. The sashes can also be tilted inwards to clean them easily